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We’re a creative film production company that brings brands to life on screen and online. We push boundaries and dare our clients to go further. And for the last five years, we’ve worked with our clients to develop and shoot honest, emotionally-engaging experiences on film. Screaming Eagle builds brands and tells stories that hit home. Success from above.

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Our Services

Continuously Creating Fearless Film Solutions

Pre Production

Whether we’re working with our clients to develop the creative route of a project, or collaborating with marketing and branding agencies, we strive to get the best ideas in front of the camera. Led by our passionate Creative Producers, we guide our clients through the creative process by developing concepts, scripts and storyboards that not only meet but exceed expectations. The devil is always in the detail.


Animation is the faithful vehicle for telling a brand’s story. Our in-house team of animators can create unique films using a variety of animation techniques and styles. We also specialise in writing captivating scripts and identifying the best voice talent to bring the animation to life. From key messages and data to product explanations, we produce animation in a variety of forms, be it 2D, 3D, Stop Motion, Cut Out and Hand Drawn. Animation can bring complex and potentially overwhelming communications to the next level with appealing and concise imagery.

Live Action Filming

Whether you want a simple face-to-camera piece or a multi-location, multi-camera production, we can execute and nail all of your live action filming requirements. We are highly experienced in delivering stunning film content across a wide variety of genres, languages and channels be it interview, promo, commercial or documentary. From the fixed budget Kickstarter campaign to the multi-site film, we’re with you.

Video Strategy

The purpose of a finished films varies from client to client, as do the platforms they are shared on. As such, we not only produce film content but advise our clients on how best to utilise them once filming has wrapped. It goes without saying that a carefully considered strategy is paramount to the success of your film. We are not just filmmakers, we engage with our clients at a marketing strategy level. The goal is to ensure that the finished film runs parallel with your marketing strategy, targets the right channels and audience and adheres to the client’s branding code.

AERIAL Cinematography

From that dolly shot you dreamed up to a spectacular establishing scene shot from hundreds of feet up. We can show you that estate viewed from above or chase your shows main character through a city street at over 60 mph. We can film your conference, sporting event or festival and stream live video for broadcast or social. In the industrial sector, we can create scale accurate 3D maps of your estate, inventory and monitor assets and provide remote inspection services.


Crewing a shoot is all about finding the right people for the project that have genuine experience in the field. That goes for the photographer and the retoucher down to the lighting engineer and DOP. So whether you need a property, fashion, editorial, product, events or profile shoot, we’ll have someone that can be on set within 24hrs, globally. Click the icon to see some of our crews work.

Post Production

We offer a full range of post-production services, including editing, sound design, grading and compositing. We are exacting in producing work without equal. The editing team work closely with clients to ensure the structure, narrative, pace and mood of the film matches the original brief and strategy.




Camera, lighting, sound and grip, we all know that equiptment can make or break a production. We’ve amassed an arsenal of gear so whether you need wet or dry hire, we’ve everything you need and can deliver it to set along with a hire vehicle of your choice.

Our Process

"This is how we do it"



3. Storyboard

4. Production



7. Colour Grade

8. Delivery

Meet Our Senior Team

The Eagles

Liam has been working with Screaming Eagle since 2017 as DOP, creating visually stunning shots and a master of lighting. He has also been on the front line for several TV series including Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and The Bastard Executioner as a camera operator.

Liam Healey
Director of Photography

Accomplished, fastidious and the company keystone. JC is a man of many, many talents. Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, in the pursuit of becoming tribally indispensable on set and in post production, JC has spent his career ensuring he is fully immersed in every role on set. When he isn't on location with Screaming Eagle he's writing and directing period film and drama productions.

JC Ralls
Director / Producer

Robinson founded screaming eagle in January 2013 having never really put the photography skills his late grandfather taught him to good use. Motto: get the shot, no excuses. Quote: “Sometimes it is easier to get forgiveness than permission”.

Peter J Robinson
Director / Producer

A highly skilled and valuable member of Screaming Eagle since 2016, Michael is a visionary and a master with the camera. Michael, the family man has racked up experience in film for 16 years.

Michael Sides
Camera Operator

Calm and collected since she arrived on England's fair shores when she was six from Oz, Gabrielle is the calm hand that steers the ship. A triple threat as an Actor, writer and director, Gabrielle is passionate about telling stories for and about women in a world that needs them told more.

Gabrielle Finnegan
1st AD

All round grafter and fixer Sam is the man you want in your team when the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Gaffer on the acclaimed short Transmission, Sam has an uncanny ability to ensure no vehicle goes undented and that no animals are hurt during production.

Sam Alterskye Night

Alex Entwistle, 1st AD and Wildlife Presenter. Alex is best seen and heard from a distance shouting ``Quiet on set`` at anyone, not being quiet on set. Alex is the Enforcer.

Alex Entwistle
1st AD

Fresh from the nest, Daniel is a young and gifted film maker finding his feet and still learning to fly. Enthusiasm by the bucket load.

Daniel Fuller

Please hold - we're writing the book.

Josh Gwynne
Director of Photography

Possibly the most enthusiastic human being we have ever encountered. With or without a double espresso, Lewis is quite possibly the most energetic and dynamic human being known to man. At the tender age of 20, Lewis has a formidable list of shorts, features and commercials under his belt and will be the first and last man on set.

Lewis Thompson
Camera Operator

Mat, with one t, is Screaming Eagle's go to guy when it comes to almost anything creative. Mat studied the moving image at Reading Art & Design College and so he arguably has the academic credentials but Mat has been making films and more specifically music videos since we can remember. If you need a work of fiction produced and shot, Mat is your man.

Mat Hamilton Green
Assistant Director

Simms work has captivated a global audience receiving critical acclaim from music producers, writers and composers the world over. 'Creating specific pieces for a client, has always been at the heart of my writing. If I can capture an emotion and narrative within a score, then I have done my job'.

Stephen T Simms
Head of Music

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