Over the last five years, aerial drone videography has become more and more standardised as a cost effective replacement for helicopter based filming. This has opened up the opportunity of aerial content to a number of companies that might not have previously had the budget. Whether you are looking for a series of drone shots on an existing production or simply want to combine aerial into your production with us, we have a selection of platforms to choose from. The golden rule really is ‘get the shot’. If we have to fly a little lower and a little faster than suggested, then it is worth it.


The S1000 is more of a platform. Meaning that whether we’re shooting on a 5D, BMPC or Red, it will take the payload. Weighing approximately 4 kg with a maximum takeoff weight of about 11 kg, it can fly for up to 15 minutes.


DJI Inspire

The inspire is our standard workhorse. In addition to 4K video, the UAV also has a groundbreaking stabilization system that keeps shots steady even in rough conditions. The Inspire has a maximum range of 700m, and it can fly up to an altitude of 300 meters. That’s nothing special, but its max speed is 50 mph, which will certainly do the job.

Phantom 2

Our first drone. It seems like only yesterday we were taking training courses and crashing into hangars. The reality though is that the Phantom 2 is still a perfectly stable platform. With a 4K GoPro mounted to a Zenmuse Gimbal, she’s still as stable as the first day we unpacked her.